Fifteen-year old Gurmeet’s family is hugely proud of the fact that for generations only boys have been born to the family, and that they have never suffered a single day’s ill-health thanks to the elixir like qualities of the water of the special well at the family’s ancestral farm at the base of the Aravalli Mountains. But when Gurmi goes to spend the summer at the farm, his mother warns him to stay away from the well. Naturally, Gurmi immediately sets off in search of it. But what he stumbles upon is a truly terrible and terrifying family secret and glimpses of a wonderful life that has been snatched away from him – as it has been from those – faces in the water – who were to have lived it. To his infuriation and disbelief, the pretty victims of this horrendous crime do not seem the slightest bit inclined to avenge the injustice done to them, perhaps because they realize it will do them, and anyone else, little good. Instead, they make the perpetrators of the crime pay in a manner which makes them realize that perhaps, after all, they themselves are the biggest losers and victims of their deeds.

But, blind iron-bound tradition and hollow family ‘honour’ threatens to stake its murderous claim yet again and it is left to Gurmi to take steps – down that same fateful well – to pre-empt such a terrible thing from happening yet again, and for evermore.