Sixteen-and-a-half year old Trisha is an A-grade topper, a hugely talented singer and a crack leg-break bowler who can even ride with aplomb (and parental approval) her mom’s monstrous motorbike, Smelly Beast. She is however acutely averse to doing fear of embarrassing herself.

So when her mom, surely the hippest, coolest mom since Woodstock – and envy of her friends – falls seriously ill, Trisha faces the biggest challenge of her life – to cope, and deal with things.

Her friends, Gullu, Jai and most of all Akshay – with whom she has fallen hopelessly and wantonly in love – stand by her, united as they are by their love for retro, reggae and jazz.

As Trisha struggles to cope and come to terms with the inevitable, she takes comfort in her relationship with Akshay, and is then consumed by guilt over what they have done. A sacrifice must be made to atone, and appease the powers that are supposed to be. And, most of all, she believes, to make the miracle she wants so desperately, to happen…

What does happen is quite different, but is, as she slowly realizes, as great a miracle as she could ever have hoped for.