An enraged unstable teenager finds out whether revenge is the way of getting justice for a humongous wrong done to him by the forces of the State.

At eighteen, Gaurav Roy is an unusual teenager: happy-go-lucky, generally cheerful, if a bit disgruntled at having to shift to Delhi from Bombay, where his girlfriend Zara lives. He has for company however, his beautiful Alsatian Rani, a dog that adores him and is fiercely protective of his baby sister Mihika.

A terrible incident involving Rani, changes Gaurav forever: suddenly he finds himself pitted against the might of the Indian state and its so called security forces. He vows vengeance, knowing that the possibility of his actually doing something is remote. But then, an opportunity presents itself: at a mountain resort, he meets twelve-year old Rukmini (alias Shroom) no less than the grand-niece of the Prime Minister; a plucky little girl who is recovering from cancer and is deeply under the influence of James Bond, and who believes that Gaurav (alias ‘Taklu’) is like her, an ‘escapee from the Kingdom of the Taklus’. A reluctant (from his side) friendship develops between the two. Shroom’s two private tutors, Raveena and Monica, who have met and made friends with Gaurav earlier in Delhi are astounded and upset by the change in him and fear he might do something foolish.

What Gaurav has planned is much more than being merely foolish; it will be the ultimate revenge for Rani he thinks, even if the innocent must pay the price. Even as he vacillates between his growing affection and admiration for Shroom and his desire to get Rani justice, other malevolent forces are at work that put all their – and even the Prime Minister’s – lives in danger.

His girlfriend Zara, who from the beginning has believed that he has not got a fair hearing, embarks on a perilous journey to the mountains to meet him, just as Gaurav is putting his own diabolical plan into action. But is Taklu able to go through with what he has planned – does he actually open the ‘door to God’s waiting room’ when he gets the perfect opportunity to do so? On a foggy, rainy evening in the mountains, he has to take the final call…