The story of how prejudice, bullying and ‘special needs’ can be neutralized using brains and insight rather than brawn.

In every class there is a child who a little bit ‘different’, a little bit on the ‘slow’ side and a little bit fat… When she first sees Sushmita, with her sweet round face and innocent eyes, the principal of Rugged Rocks High School is worried. ‘Putting that lovely child amongst our kids is like putting a dugong in a tank full of barracudas.’ She’s right to worry.

As a beaming Sushmita joins school for the first time ever, the bullies’ knives are out for her, led by the foxy Natasha, who is determined to avenge the insult Sushmita inadvertently meted out to her boyfriend Arun by knocking him out in the boxing ring.

But Sushmita has her own unique way to fight back against bullies and one loyal little friend in Karan who sticks by her especially as the barracudas circle in for the kill. In a stroke of simple genius Karan makes the class realize that Sushmita’s presence amongst them can (and does) change their lives forever – for the better.