A soap operatic saga of innocent love and puppy-eyed romance, revenge, jealousy, naked power-lust, besmirched family honour, and outright war in Delhi’s simian high-society, (they call themselves ‘Delhizens’) not very different to what occurs in our own society… What else can be expected, when linctus drinking lafanga, Altu Faltu falls in love with the golden-eyed Rani-beti, bespoke princess of the Flagstaff Tower Royal Family?

All hell breaks loose when Altu Faltu, linctus-drinking lafanga of the Hindu Rao Ridge falls in love with recently-betrothed Rani-beti the golden-eyed princess of the Flagstaff Tower clan – and elopes with her. Her father, the mighty Chaudhry Charbi Raisahib sets the terrible Kachcha-Banyan gang after the lovers, while trying to keep his fractious family intact; her fiancé, the rapacious Nawab Bade Badtameez from Tughlakabad, whose plans were far more ambitious than just marriage to Rani-beti – demands blood and territory.

Scheming, intrigue, derring-do, romance, action, double-crossing, lust, reckless courage, revenge and outright war shake Delhi’s simian high-society to its very foundations like never before, even as the lovers – forcibly separated – try desperately to come together once again. The action spreads from Delhi’s notorious Northern Ridge to the wrestling akharas on the Yamuna and the Khyber Pass massage parlours, the mighty fort at Tughlakabad, the National Zoological Park and prestigious Lodi Gardens and India International Centre, culminating at the deadly Khooni Khan jheel on the Ridge, where it all began. In this dark and deep lake long ago, many star-crossed lovers were said to have leapt, their unhappy ghosts still haunting the black waters. Will Rani-beti and Altu Faltu and their brand new little baby meet the same terrible fate?