What happens when the terrible ‘Horde of One Hundred’ – led by the terrible Gutka the Gross, from South Block is let loose on the Shikargunj National Park, where a leadership crisis is underway… Only the irrepressible Yum Yum Piglets can deal with the chaos…

A diabolical plan has just been set into motion by the anonymous powers that be, to rid Delhi’s mighty South Block of the terrible Gutka the Gross and his Horde of One Hundred simians. The monkeys are to be trans-located to the Shikhargunj National Park where they are to be put to better – and more sinister – use.

At Shikargunj, a leadership crisis has arisen; Sher Bahadur, its sole tiger has taken sanyas and a bitter struggle for succession has broken out. Top contender, Dhoomdham, the clumsy, drooling leopard must bring the head of the Chief Forest Officer’s little daughter, Aranya, to the Waterhole of the Truce to stake his claim.

But then the Horde arrives and all hell breaks loose as a dangerous ‘hostage crisis’ develops. Shockingly none of the other animals wish to get involved, but the irrepressible Yumyum Piglets have no choice in the matter… Cleverly they inveigle the drooling Dhoomdham to help them, along with Bholu, the mighty elephant with suspect brakes and steering. An audacious plot is hatched to free the hostages, even as Aranya watches in amazement, and Gucci the posh croc clops his huge jaws in lip-smacking anticipation.