How fourteen year-old Shikha and five year-old Sunny try to heal their shattered, recently orphaned lives together by observing and being inspired by the lives of the Shergarh Tiger Reserve’s magnificent tigers, where they go to live. But is Shikha able to deal with a fresh diabolical threat that arises and threatens to shatter her and Sunny’s lives yet again?

Orphaned in a car accident, fourteen year-old Shikha and five year-old Sunny go to live with their eccentric artist uncle Binoy chacha at Shergarh House, at the edge of Shergarh Tiger Reserve. Here the children try to recover from their trauma with the help of Aslambhai (a retired forest guard) and Ali his mischievous grandson. Encouraging her further, is Dipti – the daughter of the Field Director Mr. Rana – who suggests that Shika observe and follow the lives of some of the park’s magnificent tigers – the ‘doofus’ Shahenshah, Shaitan the charger and the ferocious Sheba.

As they get involved in the lives of the great tigers, a new threat looms in the form of Veena Aunty, their uncle’s friend who is determined to separate them and estrange them from Shergarh House and their uncle, by sending them to different boarding schools. In fact she and her obnoxious slime-ball brother, Randhir have far more diabolical plans for the children – which make them flee into the park one grim night to seek sanctuary with ‘their’ tigers.

Will the doughty Shikha allow those plans to come to pass? Will Sunny, struck dumb by the shock of the car crash and clinging limpet-like to his sister, ever talk again and call her Dimplechick? Will the children, pursued into the park by Veena, Randhir and their cronies, survive the perils of the forest? Will the small tigers of Shergarh prevail over their enemies and live up to their name?