Tadpole and her brother Vishwajit have moved in next to Medley Gardens, which is an old house surrounded by hundreds of trees. When the children wander into the grounds to explore, they discover a startling fact—all the trees can talk to them. Soon they start having conversations with these venerable residents, and they become friends with Ustadji the banyan, the Neems, the Peepuls and Mangoes, as well as with the birds and other creatures who live in the branches of these trees. An astonishing world of hidden plant life now opens up for the brother and sister. But soon they realize that the trees are hiding a dangerous secret deep within them. When the owners of Medley Gardens decide to sell the place, will the trees be able to guard their secret? What will happen to the garden and the sacred grove?

Will they survive, or are there sinister plans afoot to destroy them?

Exciting, funny, thought-provoking, this is an unusual adventure story that will make every reader want to go out and whisper to the nearest tree.

Published by Red Turtle