The unconventional lives of certain unique insects, fostering dissent, differences in opinion and sheer derring-do…

Fourteen rollicking stories revolving around the crazy lives of insects:

What happens when Nimbu the caterpillar goes on a crash diet?

What happens when Cheeni Chor the ant discovers a deliciously stocked fridge and decides to become the first capitalist ant in history?

What happens when the houseflies, Makhi and Kooda develop a fetish for cleanliness?

When the peace-loving dungbeetle couple Shri and Shrimati Gobar are confronted by the terrible Frightful Farts?

When the golden moths, Goldie and Blur are invited to take part in a beauty contest organized by the El Gekko brothers as well as a praying mantis and toad?

When Ladoo Gulabjamun the handsome cockroach woos the delectable Miss Tutti Frutti on top of a magnificent edifice of chocolate, butterscotch, caramel, fudge, flaky pastry, meringue, and cream, cream and still more cream…

When little boy spiders fall for big girl spiders?

When the deadly Dengue Dollies embark on an arms race against the human species?

When Ambrosia the talented honeybee decides to dance for the sheer pleasure of it instead of for the good of the hive and her queen…

When the dragonfly ace Sq. Leader Neon Streak is debarred from the Annual Dragonfly Airshow because he has three wings instead of four…

And more!

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